First Mention of Hand Protection in Baseball

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Date Tuesday, December 25, 1860
Location Philadelphia, PA, United States

"Then "Bispham" comes next, you'd expect from his looks,
He was given to study, addicted to books,
And you'd little suspect there was much in the man,
Till you saw him at play -- then beat him who can.
His favorite position is on the first base,
And he stands like a statue, always right about face,
With his hands in a pair of thick gloves all encased,
Which never miss holding the ball once embraced.
And I pity the 'batter' who when the ball's fair,
If its short, tries to make the 'first base' when he's there.
The 'batter' itself may be good enough -- though
He's sure to be put out, and his cake is all 'dough.'

written for and recited at a Christmas Ball thrown by the Mercantile BBC of 
Philadelphia. In "Cant-Oh! III" the various players are mentioned. a poem 
written (recited?) on Christmas Day, 1860. It is entitled "Owe'd 2 
Base Ball: In Three Cant-Oh's!"


Primary source of poem not known. From a 19CBB post by Tom Shieber, Oct. 28, 2003

Submitted by Bob Tholkes
Submission Note 2/10/2015


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