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Date 1859
Location Brooklyn, NY, United States

[A] Report of July 4 game between Henson and Unknown Clubs

[B] "November 15, 1859 - The first recorded game between two black teams occurred between the Unknowns of Weeksville and the Henson Club of Jamaica (Queens) in Brooklyn, NY."


[A] New York Anglo-African, July 30, 1859. Per Dean Sullivan, pages 34-36.

[B] Email from Larry Lester; taken from his chronology of African American baseball, 8/17/2007.

Chris Hauser, in an email on 9/26/2007, estimates that this notice appeared in the New York Anglo-African, and was referenced in Leslie Heaphy's Negro League Baseball.


I reviewed the Anglo-African of July 23 and 30, 1859 and found no reference to the Henson-Unknown game. The only reference to baseball was a 7-30 reference to a game in Ohio played by Congressman Joshua Giddings.

The Dec. 10 issue does report the Nov. 15th game. [ba]


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