Eckford Club of Brooklyn v Union Club of Morrisania on 29 August 1862

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Date of Game Friday, August 29, 1862
Location Morrisania, NY, United States
Home Team Eckford Club of Brooklyn
Away Team Union Club of Morrisania
Score 27 - 11

(New York Clipper: “These clubs played their first match together ….  Several fellows made themselves disagreeably, prominent as members of the crowd, much to the discredit of the club they follow, and of the game.  It is a pity these fellows are not repudiated.  We should think the Eckfords have now attained too high a position to tolerate them any longer.  Al, who want to bet should do it quietly.”)


(1) “Eckford vs. Union,” New York Clipper, vol. [xxx], no. [xxx] ([xx] Sep 1862), p. [xxx], col. [xx]

(2) Peverelly, p. 74 [Eckford runs = 29]

(3) Wright, pp. 67 & 68

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Found by Craig Waff
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