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|Entry Origin=Games Tab
|Entry Origin=Games Tab
|Entry Origin Url=http://protoball.org/Games_Tab:Greater_New_York_City#date1855-11-29
|Entry Origin Url=http://protoball.org/Games_Tab:Greater_New_York_City#date1855-11-29

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Date of Game Thursday, November 29, 1855
Location Flushing, Queens, NY, United States

Eagle BBC intra-club play

(SOT: “The Eagle had a good time at Flushing.”)


(1) “Base Ball,” SOT, vol. 25, no. 43 (8 Dec 1855), p. 511, col. 3

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Found by Craig Waff
Entry Origin Games Tab
Entry Origin Url http://protoball.org/Games Tab:Greater New York City#date1855-11-29


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