Charter Oak Club of Brooklyn v Excelsior Club of Brooklyn on 17 May 1860

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Date of Game Thursday, May 17, 1860
Location Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY, United States
Field  Add Field Page Charter Oak grounds on Smith Street between Sackett and Degraw streets
Home Team Charter Oak Club of Brooklyn
Away Team Excelsior Club of Brooklyn
Score 12 - 11

(home-and-home match)

(BDE: “This match, which for some weeks has crated so general an excitement has at last terminated in the defeat of the Excelsior Club. For the last week or more the friends of the Excelsiors have been betting freely on their ‘boys,’ the odds even being given at 10 to 5 on the general result, and $5 even on the number of runs to be made by the Charter Oak, viz: not five runs.” The defeat “augurs very poorly for the club which was to wrest the long worn laurels from the ‘old Atlantics.’ Truly the motto of the Charter Oaks was veni vidi vici. Owing to their being no accommodations for reporters, we could obtain no list of names …”)

(NYC: “a closely contested game of one hour and a quarter duration, it being one of the quickest bound games ever played. … The attendance of spectators was unusually large, especially for so early a period in the season, …. There could not have been far from 5000 people on the grounds.”)


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Found by Craig Waff
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