Base Ball Club of Rutherford Station

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Nick Name Base Ball Club of Rutherford Station
Earliest Known Date Tuesday, August 4, 1868
Location Rutherford, TN, United States
Modern Address Gibson County, TN
Nine Class Senior

"How Ku-Klux Stories are Manufactured. The following statement from the Trenton (Tenn.) Gazette of the 1st inst. tells its own story: 'We understand that the Tax Collector for this county, Mr. Parker, a few days since visited Rutherford Station, for the purpose of collecting the taxes of that district, and seeing a young man wearing a pair of red pants (the uniform of the members of the Base Ball Club) at once concluded that he was a Ku-Klux, and that his presence was intended as an intimidation, left the place, declaring that he could not collect the taxes without the militia. And it is believed that he has gone to Nashville on that mission. This is the way in which most of the ridiculous stories about Ku-Klux originate--and such are the flimsy pretexts upon which the Legislature is called together to discuss the arming and calling out of the militia.'"


"How Ku-Klux Stories are Manufactured." Nashville Union and Dispatch, 4 Aug. 1868: 2. Web, Chronicling America.

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NUD 18680804.jpg
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Found by Christopher Ryland
Entered by Christopher Ryland
First in Location Rutherford, TN
Local-Origin Study Groups Tennessee Association of Vintage Base Ball


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