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|Coordinates=38.9037551, -77.0059094
|Coordinates=42.70091499999999, -73.1087148
|Name=Athletics of North Adams
|Name=Athletics of North Adams
|Club Name=Athletic
|Club Name=Athletic
|Type of Date=Decade
|Type of Date=Decade
|Date Note=TBD
|Date of Dissolution Type=Day
|Date of Dissolution Type=Day
|Country=United States
|Country=United States
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|Sources=<p>North Adams Transcript, issue date not reported.</p>
|Sources=<p>North Adams Transcript, issue date not reported.</p>
|Has Source On Hand=No
|Has Source On Hand=No
|Comment=<p>Publication date is a total guess.</p>
|Submitted by=Larrry Moore
|Submitted by=Larry Moore
|Submission Note=email of 1/8/2020
|Submission Note=email of 1/8/2020
|Entered by=Protoball Functinary
|Entered by=Protoball Functionary
|Has Supplemental Text=No
|Has Supplemental Text=No

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Nick Name Athletic
Earliest Known Date 1870s -- TBD
Location North Adams, MA, United States
Nine Class Senior

"A New Ball Team: Organization Perfected and First Game to be Played with Stanleys.

Baseball matters have been pretty quiet locally for some time, but a new team has been organized  The new team will be known as the Athletics . . . ."

Of the listed first nine, four are from North Adams with a catcher from Johnstown (NY?), a pitcher from Gloversville (NY), and two players from the Williams College club.

"If sufficient encouragement is received, an effort will be made to get the Cuban Giants to play at the Hoosic Valley fair . . . .  It is a long time North Adams has had . . . as good a ball team as this bids fair to be."



North Adams Transcript, issue date not reported.


Publication date is a total guess.

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Found by Larry Moore
Submission Note email of 1/8/2020
Entered by Protoball Functionary


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