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Base Stealing Frequency Before the Civil War

Salience Peripheral
City/State/Country: Rochester, NY, United States
Game Base Ball
Immediacy of Report Contemporary
Age of Players Adult

"Just noticed an 1860 game summary from Rochester, NY that includes the number of times that the catchers threw to bases, a decent if not 100% indicator of the number  of stolen base attempts, in this case a combined total of 37 in 8 innings.

"No, Ned Cuthbert didn't pioneer the stolen base in 1865. . ."

(19CBB Posting by Bob Tholkes, 2/6/2017.)

The game was played between the Live Oak and Lone Star club, the Lone Star scoring 30 runs and the Live Oaks 14 runs. 


New York Sunday Mercury, July 8, 1860





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(A) The Protoball PrePro data base in shows that 44 runs were scored in 8.5 innings in this July 4 game.  That's nearly three runs per half-inning.

(See http://protoball.org/Lone_Star_BBC_Club_of_Rochester_v_Live_Oak_Club_of_Rochester_on_4_July_1860)

So there were lots of baserunners that day.

But there were reportedly only about 2 catcher throws to bases in each half-inning. If bases were stolen routinely in this gloveless era, wouldn't more throws be expected?

(B) Were catcher throws to the bases not similarly recorded in downstate games?

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Submitted by Bob Tholkes
Submission Note 19CBB Posting, 2/6/2017


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