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|Location=New England,  
|Location=New England,  
|Country=United States
|City=New Britain
|City=New Britain
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|Has Supplemental Text=No
|Has Supplemental Text=No
|Coordinates=41.6612104, -72.7795419

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Playing Rules Given for New Britain CT Wicket Ball Match

Salience Noteworthy
Location New England
City/State/Country: New Britain, CT, United States
Game Wicket
Immediacy of Report Contemporary

"The great game of Wicket Ball between a party of the married and unmarried men of New Britain, came off on Saturday. There were 25 each on a side, and both sides were composed of the 'crack' players of the town." A large number of out-of-town attendees was noted. A box score was included.

Among the stated rules noted as differing from Hartford rules: wickets set 75 feet apart, "flying balls only out," no leading, "last ball to count 4; but the strikers must make four crosses,' a nine-inch ball, and a three-game format in which the total runs "crossings" determined the victor.



"Ball-Playing at New Britain," Hartford Daily Courant, June 21, 1858, page 2.

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Submitted by John Thorn
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