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President's Peace Medal Depicts Baseball Game in Background

Salience Noteworthy
Tags Ball in the Culture, Famous, Images
Location US
City/State/Country: United States
Game Base Ball
Immediacy of Report Contemporary
Age of Players Youth
Notables United States Government

"A base ball game is depicted on the 1857 Indian Peace Medal issued by the Buchanan Administration in 1857. The Indian Peace Medal was "presented by a government agent to the chief of a tribe that the government considered to be friendly, or that it desired to become so...the frontier game of baseball, in all its variety, was already perceived as the national game..."


Thorn, John, Baseball in the Garden of Eden (2011), p. 114.

See also https://ourgame.mlblogs.com/our-baseball-presidents-ec1617be6413 (accessed Feb 2018).



"For President Buchanan in 1857, a new reverse to the (latest "Indian Peace") Medal was commissioned from engraver Joseph Wilson . . . .  [The medal showed] in the distance, a simple home with a woman standing in the doorway -- and a baseball game being playing in the foreground. . . . 

"No matter what some gentlemen were saying in New York at the "national" conventions of area clubs, the frontier game of baseball, in all its variety, was already perceived as the national game."

-- John Thorn, "Our Baseball Presidents," Our Game posting, February 2018.



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