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Base Ball Game Reaches Really Modern Duration; Score is 52 to 38

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Game Base Ball

Having more energy than what it takes to score 21 runs, the [NJ] Pioneer Club's intramural game in September 1855 took 3 and a quarter hours, and eight innings. Final score: single men, 52, marrieds 38. Note: this seems like an early exception to the 21-run rule; are there earlier ones? Spirit of the Times, Volume 25, number 31 (Saturday, September 15, 1855), page 367, column 3. Facsimile provided by Craig Waff, September 2008.

In December, the Putnams undertook to play a game to 62 runs, and started at 9AM to give themselves ample time. But "they found it impossible to get through; they played twelve innings and made 31 and 36." Spirit of the Times, (Saturday, December 8, 1855), page 511, column 3. Facsimile provided by Craig Waff, September 2008.

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