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Hartford Courant describes Long Ball

Salience Noteworthy
City/State/Country: Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Game Long Ball
Immediacy of Report Contemporary

The Connecticut Courant, April 23, 1853, has a description of Long Ball: "Reader, did you ever see a bevy of boys playing what they call 'Long Ball'? One stands and knocks and the others try to catch the ball, and the fortunate one takes the place of the knocker. Did you ever watch their eager faces as the striker was making his efforts to raise the ball -- the eyes all directed to one point -- the fever of expectation on every face -- the jumping round when the ball rises -- and the scrambling and jostling and pulling when the ball is falling -- and then the looks of envy as the winner runs off with his prize?"


The Connecticut Courant, April 23, 1853


The "knocker" was the "striker," i.e., the batter (per Stephen Katz).

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Source Image
Conn. Courant 4.23.1853.png
Submitted by Bruce Allardice; Stephen Katz (added quote from and image of article)


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