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|Headline=The First Base Ball Reporters - Cauldwell, Bray, Chadwick
|Headline=The First Base Ball Reporters - Cauldwell, Bray, Chadwick
|Location=New York City
|Tags=Newspaper Coverage,
|Location=Greater New York City,
|Game=Base Ball,
|Game=Base Ball,
|Age of Players=Adult
|Age of Players=Adult

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The First Base Ball Reporters - Cauldwell, Bray, Chadwick

Salience Noteworthy
Tags Newspaper Coverage
Location Greater New York City
City/State/Country: NYC, NY, USA
Game Base Ball
Age of Players Adult

Henry Chadwick may be the Father of Baseball and a HOF member, but it is William Cauldwell in 1853 who is usually credited as the first baseball scribe.

John Thorn sees the primacy claims this way: As for Chadwick, "He was not baseball's first reporter — that distinction goes to the little known William H. Bray, like Chadwick an Englishman who covered baseball and cricket for the Clipper from early 1854 to May 1858 (Chadwick succeeded him on both beats and never threw him a nod afterward).

Isolated game accounts had been penned in 1853 by William Cauldwell of the Mercury and Frank Queen of the Clipper, who with William Trotter Porter of Spirit of the Times may be said to have been baseball's pioneer promoters.



John Thorn, "Pots and Pans and Bats and Balls," posted January 23, 2008 at


See also  Turkin and Thompson, The Official Encyclopedia of Baseball (Doubleday, 1979), page 585.

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