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|Headline=Baseball Arrives in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
|Headline=Baseball Arrives in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
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Baseball Arrives in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Salience Noteworthy
Location Canada
Game Rounders

"The story of baseball in Saint John has a Spalding-Chadwick twist to it. As early as the year 1840, there have been mentions of the sport of baseball in the Port City. As D. R. Jack noted in his Centennial Prize Essay (1783-1883): 'It was a common practice with many of the leading merchants of St. John to assemble each fine summer afternoon after the business day was over . . . where a fine playground has been prepared, and engage in a game of cricket or baseball. This practice was continued until about 1840.' Whether of not this was actually the game of "Rounders" or "Town Ball" is debatable.

Brian Flood, Saint John: A Sporting Tradition 1785-1985 [Henry Flood, 1985], pages 18-19.

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