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Book About a Scotsman Mentions "Cat and Doug" and Other Diversions

Salience Noteworthy
Tags Fiction
City/State/Country: Scotland
Game Cat-and-Dog
Age of Players Youth

[Author?] The Scotch rogue; or, The life and actions of Donald MacDonald, a Highland Scot [London], per David Block, Baseball Before We Knew It, page 176. The [apparently fictional] hero recalls; "I was but a sorry proficient in learning: being readier at cat and doug, cappy-hole, riding the burley hacket, playing at kyles and dams, spangboder, wrestling, and foot-ball (and such other sports as we use in our country) than at my book."

Block identifies "cat and doug," or cat and dog, as a Scots two-base version of the game of cat that was most commonly played in Scotland.  It was the likely forbear of the American game of two-old-cat."


David Block, Baseball Before Knew It (U Nebraska Press, 2007), page 176.


For more on cat-and-dog, see http://protoball.org/Cat-and-Dog.

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