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Sydney Cites Stoolball

Salience Peripheral
Tags Famous
Location England
Game Stoolball
Age of Players Adult
Notables Sir Philip Sydney; Lady Mary Dudley

"A time there is for all, my mother often sayes

When she with skirts tuckt very hie, with gyrles at stoolball playes"

Sir Philip Sydney, Arcadia: Sonnets [1622], page 493. Note: citation needs confirmation.


Sir Philip Sydney (1554-1586) died at age 31 in 1586.

As of October 2012, this early stoolball ref. is the only one I see that can be interpreted as describing baserunning in stoolball - but it still may merely describe running by a fielder, not a batter. (LMc, Oct/12)

Sydney's mother was the sister of Robert Dudley, noted in item #1500s.2 above as a possible stoolball player in the time of Eliizabeth I.

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Further interpretations are welcome as to Sydney's meaning.

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