'Natives' v 'Haoles' in HI on 4 July 1866

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Date of Game Wednesday, July 4, 1866
Location HI, United States
Home Team  Add Club Page 'Natives'
Away Team  Add Club Page 'Haoles'

"The first baseball game in Hawaii to be saved for the record books was played on July 4, 1866 and saw the "natives" beating the "Haoles" (Caucasians) 2 - 1."


"A Brief History of Baseball in Hawaii and the Hawaii Winter League," at http://www.hawaiiwinterbaseball.com/about_hwb, accessed 11/22/2013.

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First in Location HI



2180 days ago
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Sayuri Guthrie-Shimuzu, "Transpacific Field of Dreams" pp. 43-44, says the boys of the (mostly American) Punahoa school played a baseball game on July 4, 1866. The book cites school records. This may be the game above referred to.

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