Stuyvesant Club of New York v Independent Club of New York on 5 June 1858

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Date of Game Saturday, June 5, 1858
Location New York, Manhattan, NY, United States
Home Team Stuyvesant Club of New York
Away Team Independent Club of New York
Score 47 - 42

(PSOT: “Before we began to play, it was agreed between the clubs, that we should play but six innings. After the six innings were played, and we (the Stuyvesants) five ahead, the umpire (Mr. Sherwood, of the Active Base-Ball Club) claimed the right of making us play another inning, but it being late and we tired, and also the victors, we would not do so, and, therefore, the Independents declared that they had beaten –––––. To make sure the umpire had not the right to make us play another inning, we asked the umpire of the Metropolitan Base-Ball Club, which is composed of grown-up gentlemen, if he could do so, and he assured us that the umpire had no such right.”)


(1) A. Kennedy (Secretary, Stuyvesant BBC), “Out-Door Sports: Base-Ball: Stuyvesant vs. Independent,” PSOT, vol. 4, no. 15 (12 Jun 1858), p. 228, col. 3

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Found by Craig Waff
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