Live Oak Club of Rochester v Flour City Club of Rochester on 5 August 1858

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Date of Game Thursday, August 5, 1858
Location Rochester, NY, United States
Home Team Live Oak Club of Rochester
Away Team Flour City Club of Rochester
Score 24 - 13

(Porter’s Spirit of the Times (1): “The two leading base-ball clubs of our flourishing city contended for the victor’s wreath last Thursday.  The day was, as it were, ordered for the occasion, and the attendance was very large, some three thousand ladies and gentlemen being present.  …  When the two sides had got their respective positions, I assure you it was one of the most pleasing sights ever beheld.  The contrasting uniforms of the two noble clubs was beautiful.  The Live Oaks wore white pants, blue stripe; blue shirt, with the L.O. tastefully worked on the left breast; black belt, and a skull-cap, white body, blue ribs, and front-piece blue.  The Flour City wore blue pants, white stripe; orange shirt, white belt, blue body to their caps, and front-piece white.  It was truly a charming picture.  … Upon the result being announced, the Flour City Club proposed three cheers for the Live Oaks, and in return the victors sent up three good ones for their opponents.  The contest ended with the best of feeling, and adjourned for refreshments and wrenches.  Though the boys were badly beaten, they have the spirit and strength to make invincibles in this noble, manly out-door exercise.  Previous to the present Summer, an out-door public free entertainment was not thought of, but we boast of having more organizations of the airy exercises than any city of her dimensions west of your quiet little village.  We have nine different clubs of base-ball, four wicket, two cricket, four proposed row-boat clubs, two yacht clubs, &c. &c.  The town is reviving, and I am in hopes to post you on some good accomplishments from some of them.)

(Porter’s Spirit of the Times (2): “Some time since, the Live Oak Base-Ball Club, of this city, challenged the Flour City Club to play a match game of ball.  The game was played, and won by the Live Oak, and the ball given them.  Now, the Flour City sends an invitation to play the return match of the game now pending, and to be played upon their grounds.  We returned the invitation, stating our objections, and our willingness to accept an unconditional challenge from them.  Did we do right?  We know of no match pending between us.”)


(1) Claude, “Out-Door Sports: Base-Ball: Base-Ball at Rochester: Live Oak vs. Flour City,” Porter’s Spirit of the Times, vol. 4, no. 24 (14 Aug 1858), p. 381, col. 1

(2) “Out-Door Sports: Base-Ball: Base-Ball at Rochester,” Porter’s Spirit of the Times, vol. 5, no. 5 (2 Oct 1858), p. 68, col. 3

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Found by Craig Waff
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