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Date of Game 1795
Game Cricket
Location Richmond, VA, United States
Has Source On Hand No
NY Rules No - Predecessor

The New York Clipper, June 13, 1857 reports that a cricket club was recently organized in Richmond, under John M. Botts. says cricket was played in Richmond as early as 1795. A Richmond CC printed cricket rules in 1795.

The New York Clipper, June 13, 1857 


The 1857 club soon dissolved for lack of interest. Richmond Dispatch, Sept. 4, 1857. Same June 8, 1858 says some of its members are now trying to form a base ball club, to play on Hospital Hill, at the east end of Main Street. Cricket Club revived as the Franklin Cricket Club [same, April 5, 1859]. Same July 29, 1859 says if the grounds can be gotten at the Fair Grounds, a  cricket club and a baseball club will be organized.

"Hospital Hill" was the site of the wartime Chimborazo Hospital, per a website on Civil War Richmond. The hospital was on land bounded by the present streets of Clay on the north, 30th on the west, 34th on the east, and the bottom of the hill on the south. The Richmond National Battlefield Park building now stands in about the middle of the old hospital grounds.

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