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Date of Game 1841
Game Old Cat
Location Nauvoo, IL, United States
Has Source On Hand No

There is considerable evidence that Joseph Smith, the founder of the LDS (Latter-Day-Saints) Church, played a bat-ball game, and that later reminiscences hinted that this was baseball. The Ken Burns baseball series hints at this. The sources are accumulted at . The evidence suggests that a bat-ball game was played at Nauvoo in 1841.

Launius, "Kingdom on the Mississippi Revisited," p. 81, calls the game Old Cat.

Smith had grown up in upstate New York, and may have been exposed to some early form of baseball there.



The Journal of Mormon History, vol. 11 (1984) p. 89 discusses recreation in Nauvoo and also labels the game "one old cat."

The Joseph Smith Journal, entry of March 19, 1843, records: "about 4  took a game at ball east of Main Street." Via Joseph Smith Papers.

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Submitted by Bruce Allardice
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