Gothams Club of New York v Brooklyn Base Ball Club on 10 October 1845

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Date of Game Friday, October 10, 1845
Location Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY, United States
Field Union Star Cricket Club grounds
Home Team Gothams Club of New York
Away Team Brooklyn Base Ball Club
Score 22 - 1
Innings 3

(NYH (1): “A Base Ball match between eight players of Brooklyn and eight of New York, was announced to take place in Brooklyn to-day [6 Oct], and also a shooting match among the members of the Anglo-American Club of this city. It is not believed, however, that either of the events will 'come off,' in consequence of some mal-arrangements of misunderstanding among the several parties.”)

(NYH (2): “We stated yesterday that the proposed Base Ball match between eight players of New York against eight players of Brooklyn, would turn out to be a failure; and so it was, for the New Yorkers did not make their appearance on the ground, and the supper provided by their order was necessarily untouched."

(NTMN & TS: "The Base Ball match between eight Brooklyn˜players, and eight players of New York, came off on Friday˜on the grounds of the Union Star Cricket Club. The New Yorkers˜were singularly unfortunate in scoring but one run in their˜three innings. Brooklyn scored 22 and of course came off˜winners.")

New York Morning News, Oct. 13, 1845, p.2. Text provided 11/3/2008 by Richard Hershberger via email. Earlier cited in Tom Melville, The Tented Field: A History of Cricket in America (Bowling Green State University Press, 1998), page 168, note 38: “Though the matches played between the Brooklyn and New York clubs on 21 and 25 October 1845 are generally recognized as being the earliest games in the 'modern' era, they were, in fact, preceded by an even earlier game between those two clubs on October 12 (sic).” Thanks to Tim Johnson [email, 12/29/2008] for triggering our search for the missing game. Richard adds that one can not be sure that these were the same sides that played on October 21/25, noting that the Morning Post refers here just to New York “players”, and not to the New York Club. See #1845.4 and #1845.5.

On 11/11/2008, Lee Oxford discovered identical text in a second NY newspaper, which included this detail: “After this game had been decided, a match at single wicket cricket came off between two members of the Union Star Club - Foster and Boyd. Foster scored 11 the first and 1 the second innings. Boyd came off victor by scoring 16 the first innings." The True Sun (New York City), Monday, October 13, 1845, page 2, column 5.

From Founders: "The Gothams played a game of ball with the Star Cricket Club of Brooklyn and beat the Englishmen out of sight, of course. That game and the return were the only two matches [i.e., games with other clubs] ever played by the first baseball club. [NOTE: These undoubtedly refer to the contests of October 1845.]”


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Morris, Peter, et. al., Editors (2013) Base Ball Founders; the Clubs, Players and Cities of the Northeast that Established the Game. Jefferson, NC, McFarland, pg. 53.

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Found by Craig Waff
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