Excelsior Club of Chicago v Excelsior Club of Chicago on 24 July 1860

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Date of Game Tuesday, July 24, 1860
Location Chicago, IL, United States
Field Excelsior grounds at the corner of Lake and May streets
Home Team Excelsior Club of Chicago
Away Team Excelsior Club of Chicago
Score 16 - 14

(Chicago Press and Tribune (1): “The Lincoln members of the Excelsior Base Ball Club have challenged the Douglasites of the same Club ….  We have no authority for saying that the event of this match will decide the Presidential contest, but it will be a spirited affair on both sides.”)

(Chicago Press and Tribune (2): “Some twelve hundred spectators were present.  …  Never mind, Lincoln boys, there’s a victory in store where Douglas will make no ‘runs.’  He is a lame ‘short stop,’ and has been ‘caught out.’ “)

(New York Clipper: “We do not approve of their thus being brought in contact, but as a match took place … between nine Douglas men and nine Lincoln men of the Excelsior Club, we feel in duty bound to report it.”

The Douglas side won 16-14. Lincoln won the election, though.


(1) “The City: Lincoln vs. Douglas—Nine against Nine,” Chicago Press and Tribune, vol. 14, no. 19 (24 Jul 1860), p. 1, col. 4

(2) “The City: The Political Base Ball Match—The Score and Result,” Chicago Press and Tribune, vol. 14, no. 20 (25 Jul 1860), p. 1, col. 3

(3) “Base Ball and Politics,” New York Clipper, [?] Aug 1860

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Found by Craig Waff
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