Excelsior Club of Brooklyn v Union Club of Morrisania on 7 September 1860

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Date of Game Friday, September 7, 1860
Location Morrisania, The Bronx, NY, United States
Field Union of Morrisania grounds
Home Team Excelsior Club of Brooklyn
Away Team Union Club of Morrisania
Score 7 - 4

(return or home-and-home match)

(NYT: “One of the best-contested games of Base Ball that has ever taken place in this vicinity, … one of the smallest scores on record. The fielding on both sides were of the very highest order, the out-fielding being without a flaw, the catching excellent, and the pitching on both sides unusually fine, the muffs being almost entirely confined to the bases. … There were not less than 500 spectators on the ground, of whom an unusually large proportion were ladies.”)

(NYC: “One of the best contested matches of the season … a close game of … two hours and twenty-five minutes duration. The Excelsiors, for the first time this season, were the recipients of similar treatment to that they have been in the habit of giving to others, their score of “runs in each innings” being marked with no less than five ciphers, and their total score of runs being the small figure of 7!—the lowest score they have ever made in a match. … The Excelsiors were most hospitably entertained, and the day’s play terminated with a lively interchange of speeches, songs, and sentiment, characteristic of the forensic and vocal talent possessed by the respective clubs.”)


(1) “Base Ball: Union, of Morrisania vs. Excelsior, of South Brooklyn—Excelsior, 7; Union 4!,” NYT, vol. 9, no. 2798 (8 Sep 1860), p. 8, col. 5

(2) “Excelsior vs. Union,” NYC, vol. 8, no. 23 (22 Sep 1860), p. 180, col. [xx]

(3) Peverelly, pp. 49 & 53 [former states 4 runs for Excelsior]

(4) Wright, pp. 44 & 49

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Found by Craig Waff
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