Excelsior Club of Brooklyn v Flour City Club of Rochester on 7 July 1860

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Date of Game Saturday, July 7, 1860
Location Rochester, NY, United States
Home Team Excelsior Club of Brooklyn
Away Team Flour City Club of Rochester
Score 21 - 1

(part of the Excelsior tour)

(RU & BME: “Of the game itself we hardly know how to speak.  It could hardly be considered a match game, as the fact became apparent very soon after the playing began, that the Flour Citys had no chance whatever—the Excelsiors having things pretty much their own way, and doing about as they pleased with their antagonists.  The Flour Citys played what would be called a good game underordinary circumstances, notwithstanding the appearance of the score.”)

(Porter’s Spirit of the Times: [Lengthy description reprinted from Rochester American])

(Peverelly: “The Excelsiors were received by a delegation of the Flour City at the depot, and were conducted to the Osborne House.”)


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Found by Craig Waff
Entry Origin Games Tab
Entry Origin Url http://protoball.org/Games_Tab:New_York_State,_Western#date1860-7-7


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