Excelsior Club of Brooklyn v Excelsior Club of Baltimore on 22 September 1860

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Date of Game Saturday, September 22, 1860
Location Baltimore, MD, United States
Field  Add Field Page Excelsior grounds
Home Team Excelsior Club of Brooklyn
Away Team Excelsior Club of Baltimore
Score 51 - 6

Excelsior (Brooklyn) 51

Excelsior (Baltimore) 6

(New York Clipper: The Brooklyn Excelsiors’ “grace and ease of movement, their surety in catching and holding the balls sent to them, their perfect discipline, and the admirable skill shown in each and every position, marked them at once as masters of the game; and not the least beneficial result of their visit to the warm-hearted Southerners, was the attention that has thereby been drawn to the attractive nature of the game, and we have no doubt but what it has been the means of advancing the game in that quarter three or four years.  Indeed, there is now quite a furore created in regard to base ball in Baltimore; other cities further South are stirring in the matter, and by next season fully twenty or thirty clubs will have started, whose organization will have resulted from this grand match.”)

This game appears in the Protoball Games Tabulation [Balt./Wash. Table] compiled by Craig Waff. It was reported by several papers, and the NY Clipper covered it in depth in September 1860.

The Baltimore Excelsior Club had formed with the support of the Brooklyn Excelsior Club.


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Found by Craig Waff
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