Excelsior Club of Brooklyn v Charter Oak Club of Brooklyn on 26 June 1862

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Date of Game Thursday, June 26, 1862
Location Brooklyn, NY, United States
Home Team Excelsior Club of Brooklyn
Away Team Charter Oak Club of Brooklyn
Score 20 - 19
Innings 7

(7 innings, due to darkness)

(New York Clipper: “On this occasion the Excelsiors were not in trim for their usual style of play.  In the first place they have not played half a dozen practice games together since 1860, and this season they have had their first nine players on the ground but twice.  …  Of those whose play merits especial remark, on the part of the Excelsiors, we would name their catcher [Leggett] for the plucky manner in which he stood up and received the swift balls Creighton pitched to him.  His hands, from want of practice, were too soft for such hard usage, and soon became puffed up and exceedingly painful, and a lame arm prevented his throwing to bases.  But he undauntedly stood up to his work, until it was apparent that his inability to throw to second base was materially aiding the score of his opponents.  At the close of the fifth innings he retired in favor of Russell, who caught from Brainard’s pitching the remainder of the innings.”)


(1) “Charter Oak vs. Excelsior,” New York Clipper, vol. [xx], no. [xx] ([xx] Jul 1862), p. [xxx], col. [xx]

(2) Peverelly, p. 55

(3) Wright, p. 69

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Found by Craig Waff
Entry Origin Games Tab 2
Entry Origin Url http://protoball.org/Games_Tab:Greater_New_York_City,_1861_-_1862#date1862-6-26


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