Empire Club of New York v St. Nicholas Club of New York on 17 July 1858

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Date of Game Saturday, July 17, 1858
Location Hoboken, Hudson County, NJ, United States
Field  Add Field Page St. Nicholas grounds
Home Team Empire Club of New York
Away Team St. Nicholas Club of New York
Score 30 - 13

(PSOT (3): “The game resulted rather unfavorably for the challengers, as the account will show; but it must be borne in mind that two of their first nine were unavoidably absent. The clubs attracted a large attendance of ball-players, as well as ‘outsiders,’ probably from the spirit shown by the St. Nicholas in throwing down the glove in their second year, to such a formidable antagonist as the Empire; although great interest has been lately shown in the games of the former, as it is well known they possess some of the best players that can be exhibited, the majority of their members being gymnasts, and not a few of them noted ones. /A single circumstance should be brought to notice in your journal, and that is, the incessant fire of directions and commands issued in no inaudible voice to by-standers, by one of their players to the rest of the field. The Babel their grounds presents on practice days is bad enough, but it is certainly more reprehensible in match games, when not a voice should be raised but the captain’s./The game terminated with great good feeling, the Empires admitting that they expected to be victors by five to one(!)”)


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Found by Craig Waff
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