Eckford Club of Brooklyn v Newburgh on 29 August 1860

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Date of Game Wednesday, August 29, 1860
Location Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY, United States
Field Manor House grounds
Home Team Eckford Club of Brooklyn
Away Team  Add Club Page Newburgh
Score 36 - 22

Eckford (Brooklyn) 36

Newburgh (Newburgh, N.Y.) 22

(return game)

(New York Times: “Too much praise cannot be given to the fifteen hundred spectators, who on this occasion conducted themselves in a quiet and orderly manner, showing clearly that the warning of the Atlantic match is having its effect.  …  After the game was finished the Eckfords and their guests proceeded to a repast.  The ball was given up by Mr. Adams, of the Newburgh Club, with a few pertinent remarks, which were responded to on behalf of the Eckfords, and both parties separated mutually pleased with each other, and with the day’s play.”)

(Porter’s Spirit of the Times: “The game was witnessed by a large number of spectators, and everything passed off in a quiet and pleasant manner. … / At the conclusion of the trial, the two Clubs and their invited guests proceeded to the Odeon to partake of a supper and other hospitalities provided by the Eckfords.  We regret to say that the proprietor of the Odeon; although ranking as an experienced and first-rate caterer, did not, upon this occasion, do the thong up in proper style, which fact greatly mortified the Eckford Club and their friends, who, as the latter had been so bountifully and handsomely entertained in Newburg, desired to do all in their power to reciprocate. / The deficiency was so great that the entire party left the Odeon and proceeded to Theall’s, where the Clubs passed a pleasant evening, and the Newburg boys were entertained to the best of the Eckfords’ abilities, under the circumstances.  A pleasant and social time ensued, the two clubs passing some happy hours in each other’s society, with a due interchange of speeches, sentiments, and song.”)


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Found by Craig Waff
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