Belding Base Ball Club of Piermont v Belding Base Ball Club of Piermont on 21 May 1856

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Date of Game Wednesday, May 21, 1856 Belding club played on Wednesdays
Location Piermont, Rockland County, NY, United States
Home Team Belding Base Ball Club of Piermont
Away Team Belding Base Ball Club of Piermont
Score 20 - 21
NY Rules Likely

Belding Base Ball Club -- Wednesday was one of the regular days of exercise with the Belding Base Ball Club, and the members were on the ground at the appointed time. Sides were chosen, when the game commenced, and was continued throughout in a very spirited manner, as the following figures will show; R. R. Carr acting as umpire:

Box score lists runs by each player; ten players per side; game played to 21 runs (in 13 innings); 3 outs per half inning.

Piermont, NY is just north of the NJ border on the west side of the Hudson River. It is across from White Plains and about 25 miles north of New York City.


Rockland County (NY) Journal, May 24, 1856

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Found by Jerry Kuntz
First in Location Rockland County
Players Locality Local
Entry Origin Sabrpedia


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