Baseball (retro) in Northampton in 1823

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Date of Game 1823
Game baseball (retro)
Location Northampton, MA, United States

In their recollections during the 1880s, John Murray Forbes and George Sheyne Shattuck describe playing baseball during the years 1823 to 1828 at the Round Hill School in Northampton MA. This progressive school for young boys reflected the goals of its co-founders, Joseph Green Cogswell and George Bancroft; in addition to building a gymnasium, the first US school to do so, Round Hill was one of the very first schools to incorporate physical education into its formal curriculum.

Forbes was writing his recollections in 1884, as reported in Letters and Recollections of John Murray Forbes, Sara Forbes Hughes, editor [Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1899], vol. 1, page 43. Shattuck is quoted in Edward M. Hartwell, Physical Training in American Colleges and Universities [GPO, 1886], page 22. Discovered by Brian Turner and submitted 7/16/2004.

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