Base Ball Association of Manchester v Base Ball Association of Manchester on 5 May 1860

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Date of Game Saturday, May 5, 1860
Location Manchester, NH, United States
Home Team Base Ball Association of Manchester
Away Team Base Ball Association of Manchester
Score 28 - 23

Company 2 (Smith’s side) 28

Company 1 (Whittle’s side) 23

(Base Ball Association of Manchester intra-club game)

In adjacent brief clippings in the Mears Collection (dated "May 1860" by hand), disparate intramural games are described for two clubs. In one, "the stars of the East" played an in-house 28-23 game under National Association Rules – nine players, nine innings, the usual fielding positions neatly assigned. The other was a two-inning contest with twelve-player sides and a [smudge-obscured] score of about 70 to 70. This latter game does not resemble contours of the Massachusetts game – it's hard to construe it having a one-out-side-out rule –, but it's not wicket, for the club is named the "Granite Base Ball Club." The run distribution in the box score is consistent with the use of all-out-side-out innings. Note: What were these fellows playing? Both NH game accounts were in The New York Clipper. Facsimiles from the Mears Collection provided by Craig Waff, September 2008.


(1) “Base Ball in New Hampshire,” New York Clipper, [?] May 1860

(NYC May 19, 1860--ba)

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Found by Craig Waff
Entered by Bruce Allardice
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