Atlantic Club of Brooklyn v Mutual Club of New York on 30 July 1860

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Date of Game Monday, July 30, 1860
Location Hoboken, Hudson County, NJ, United States
Field Elysian Fields
Home Team Atlantic Club of Brooklyn
Away Team Mutual Club of New York
Score 34 - 15

(BDE: “The Atlantic Club still holds the champion belt of this city, and the Mutuals are represented as being the best batters of the Hoboken Clubs. … The batting on both sides was good, but in the fielding the Atlantics had an immense advantage. It will be noticed that the Atlantics had all their men in their places; Matthew O’Brien, who was lame on the occasion of the match with the Excelsiors, was at his post as pitcher, and Pearce in his old position as catcher. … Many fine hits were spoiled by catches on the bound, which deserve no praise whatever. Quite a large assemblage of spectators were on the grounds, …”)

(NYT: “It might be supposed that in playing this match they [the Atlantics] were getting themselves in practice for their great contest with the Excelsiors, on the 2d proximo; but if the Mutuals had been fully represented by their regular pitchers, Burns and Powell, it might have been a tougher task for them to have come outevenly, instead of taking away the ball as easily as they have done. … A collation was given to the Atlantics by the Mutuals, at which much interchange of good-feeling took place, and the ball was presented by Mr. Wildey, with some appropriate remarks, to Mr. Tassey, President of the Atlantics, who made most friendly response, which was received by both parties with cheers. The Press was not forgotten amid the hilarity; and the Atlantics departed with another trophy to add to the many well-earned laurels they have won.”)

(NYC: “Whatever inferiority the [Atlantics] evinced on the occasion of their late contest with the Excelsiors, certain it is, that on Monday they acquitted themselves with great credit, their batting and fielding being quite in their old and effective style, … . The attendance of spectators was quite numerous considering the fact that the day of the match was the same one on which the Great Eastern was appointed for sail. The weather was oppressively warm, and the perspiration poured in streams from the players during the game. Both parties entered into the contest with energy and spirit, the Atlantis striving to retrieve the laurels lost on the occasion of their last match, and the Mutuals making an effort to sustain themselves creditably against the champions.”)


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