Atlantic Club of Brooklyn v Gothams Club of New York on 25 October 1858

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Date of Game Monday, October 25, 1858
Location Bedford, Long Island, Brooklyn, NY, United States
Field  Add Field Page Bedford, L.I.
Home Team Atlantic Club of Brooklyn
Away Team Gothams Club of New York
Score 31 - 17
Innings 7

(home-and-home match – 7 innings)

(PSOT (2): “The return match between these leading clubs of Brooklyn and New York… There was an immense crowd of spectators on the ground, completely surrounding the players at all points, and materially interfering with the progress of the game; and as the sympathies of the majority of them were strongly in favor of the Brooklyn players, it caused the New Yorkers to feel that they had but a poor sight for a fair field, and they expressed themselves to that effect. However correct such an opinion, it certainly was not the fault of the Atlantics, as they tried their utmost to put the crowd back, and to check their partial comments and unfair actions as much as possible. The ground is a poor one at best, and entirely in favor of the club familiar with its points. … In the course of the game, McCosker sprained his knee, on the second base, and had to resign his place of catcher [for the Gothams] to T. S. Van Cott, who also gave place to Tooker. … In batting, the Atlantics certainly took the lead, some fine hits being made to left field, an ugly corner they seem especially fond of sending the balls to. It was at this point that the crowd ‘backed up the Atlantics’ at [sic] and this so annoyed the Gothams that they resigned in disgust, not, however, before they had been fairly beaten at the bat by their able opponents. At the close of the game, the Atlantics gave three cheers for the Gothams, but we regret to say that no response was made by the latter, much to their discredit, we think. The duties of umpire—and most disagreeable ones they are—were impartially discharged by Mr. Dakin, who, however he might err in judgment, is utterly incapable of an unfair opinion. There has scarcely been a single match played this season where the umpires have not been charged by some party or other with partiality, and yet in the large majority of instances the charge was grossly false. Comment on the decisions of an umpire should never be permitted on match days, especially during the progress of the game; otherwise, it will soon be a difficult matter for clubs to obtain umpires at all.”


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Found by Craig Waff
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