Active Club of Harlem v Young America Club of New York on 9 October 1858

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Date of Game Saturday, October 9, 1858
Location Harlem, Manhattan, NY, United States
Home Team Active Club of Harlem
Away Team Young America Club of New York
Score 24 - 21
Innings 5

Active 1 (xxx) 24

Young America 2 (xxx) 21

(5 innings)

(PSOT (1): “By this it will be seen that the Young America Club was fairly beaten, and yet they refused to deliver the ball.”)

(PSOT (2): “Having seen in your issue dated the 23d inst., an article relative to the match between the Active and Young America Base Ball Clubs, wherein it is stated that after having been fairly beaten, the latter would not give up the ball, allow me to state, that although the Young Americas were beaten, still the Actives were not entitled to the ball, as, on account of the darkness, the umpire called time before the fifth inning was concluded. The Young Americas offered them the ball on the fourth inning, but they would not accept it, maintaining that five innings had been played, notwithstanding the umpire had given his decision to the contrary. Furthermore, the Young Americas played them without their regular catcher, thus giving their opponents an almost irreparable advantage over them.”)


(1) W. N. D., “Out-Door Sports: Base-Ball: Young America vs. Active,” PSOT, vol. 5, no. 8 (23 Oct 1858), p. 116, col. 3 (letter dated 12 Oct)

(2) Ball-Player, “Out-Door Sports: Base-Ball: Active vs. Young America,” PSOT, vol. 5, no. 10 (6 Nov 1858), p. 147, col. 3 (letter dated 21 Oct)

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Found by Craig Waff
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