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Ballplaying by Civil War Soldiers 1.0 posted 1 September 2018
Very Early (pre-1857) Rules on Base Advancement After Caught Fly Balls posted 19 June 2018
Did Runners Have to Tag Up?
Baseball Making Notes posted 1 March 2018
Ten-Position Base Ball posted 5 February 2018
Early Evidence on Base Stealing posted 23 February 2016
The Play-Testing of Early Base Ball Rule Modifications, version 1.0 posted 2 January 2016
Cricket and the Rise of Baseball posted 1 June 2015
Version 1.0
Beachville Deconstruction (The New York Game Comes to Canada) posted 1 May 2015
version 1.0
Called Pitches posted 23 July 2014
When Did Umpires Start Calling Balls and Strikes? (8 pages)
Pitchers Covering First posted 23 July 2014
When did pitchers start covering first base on grounders to the right side? (2 pages)
The Backstop posted 23 July 2014
Were Foul-Ground Barriers Always Part of Base Ball? (3 pages)
Judgment! posted 23 July 2014
At first, most umpiring calls were only made on appeal, and then things changed (7 pages)
Stoolball Today -- The Rejuvenation of an Ancient Pastime posted 15 November 2013
For Fun and Health -- That's Why She Played posted 3 October 2013
Sliding posted 1 October 2013
Evidence on Sliding in Early Base Ball Accounts (4 pages)
The Spread of Base Ball, 1859 - 1870 posted 26 September 2013
Some New Data on the Early Diffusion of Base Ball in the United States (Version 1.0, 9/26/2013)
1857 Rules posted 30 July 2013
A Rule-by-Rule History Analysis of the Rules Adopted by the 1857 Convention of Base Ball Clubs
Don't Forget the Girls posted 1 June 2013
1845 Knickerbocker Rules posted 5 April 2013
Evolution or Revolution? A Rule-By-Rule Analysis of the 1845 Knickerbocker Rules
Irish Rounders (Burman's Report) posted 1 March 2013
The Spread of Base Ball in the Pacific Northwest posted 1 January 2013
What Was The Massachusetts Game, Anyway? posted 19 December 2012
A Sourced-Based Description of Massachusetts Game Play
What Was Rounders, Anyway? posted 7 November 2012
A Source-Based Description of Rounders Play
Early Championships posted 12 October 2012
What Was Town Ball, Anyway? posted 2 October 2012
A Source-Based Description of Town Ball Play
Ballplaying in Civil War Camps posted 1 July 2009
An Overview of an Enriched Data Base
The Evolution of the Baseball Up To 1872 posted 1 March 2007
A Chronology of Ballmaking up to 1872 – and a list of 32 Ballmakers, 1858 to 1890warning.png
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