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Age of Players Adult  +
City Acquia Creek  +
Coordinates 38° 26' 11" N, 77° 21' 19" WLatitude: 38.4362807
Longitude: -77.3554038
Country United States  +
External Number 53  +
Has Supplemental Text false  +
Headline Soldier: “Our Camp is Alive with Ball-Players”  +
Immediacy of Report Contemporary  +
Location VA  +
Reviewed true  +
Salience 3  +
State VA  +
Tags Civil War  + , Military  +
Year 1,863  +
Year Number 20  +
Has improper value forThis property is a special property in this wiki. Year Suffix  + , Source Image  + , Submitted by  +
Categories Chronology  +
Modification dateThis property is a special property in this wiki. 28 July 2019 17:41:21  +
TextThis property is a special property in this wiki. <p>In letters home written on April <p>In letters home written on April 6, and April 10, 1863 from Acquia Creek, VA, officer Mason Tyler wrote: “When I arrived this afternoon [from Washington] I found all the officers with Colonel Edwards at their head out playing ball. Games are all the rage now in the Army of the Potomac. [page 78]” A few later he wrote: “[T]he wind is fast drying up the mud. Our camp is alive with ball-players, almost every street having its game. My boy Jimmie is so busy playing that he hardly knows how to stop to do my errands. He can play ball with the best of them, and pitching quoits he can beat anybody in my company, captain and all. [page 78]”</p> <p>“On November 20<sup>th</sup> [1863] there was a baseball game between the Tenth and Thirty-Seventh, and the Thirty-Seventh won. [page 125]”</p> <p>He wrote from Brandy Station VA in January 1864 to report on his recent reading, he added, “Sometimes we get up a game of ball, and now we have some apparatus for gymnastics, that occupies some of my time.” [page 131]”</p> <p>Mason W. Tyler, <span style="text-decoration: underline;">Memoir of Mason Whiting Tyler, in Recollections of the Civil War</span> (Putnams, New York, 1912) page 78. Provided by Jeff Kittel, May 12, 2009. Accessed 6/6/09 at Google Books via “mason whiting tyler” search. Tyler was a new Amherst College graduate when he enlisted, and was shortly elected a 1st Lieutenant.. PBall file: CW-XX.</p> <p>Tyler was in the 37th MA. [ba]</p> t;Tyler was in the 37th MA. [ba]</p>
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