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Original Analytics

By Richard Hershberger

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Richard Hershberger

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Very Early (pre-1857) Rules on Base Advancement After Caught Fly Balls posted 19 June 2018
Did Runners Have to Tag Up?
Early Evidence on Base Stealing posted 23 February 2016
The Play-Testing of Early Base Ball Rule Modifications, version 1.0 posted 2 January 2016
Called Pitches posted 23 July 2014
When Did Umpires Start Calling Balls and Strikes? (8 pages)
Pitchers Covering First posted 23 July 2014
When did pitchers start covering first base on grounders to the right side? (2 pages)
The Backstop posted 23 July 2014
Were Foul-Ground Barriers Always Part of Base Ball? (3 pages)
Judgment! posted 23 July 2014
At first, most umpiring calls were only made on appeal, and then things changed (7 pages)
Sliding posted 1 October 2013
Evidence on Sliding in Early Base Ball Accounts (4 pages)
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