Louisville Base Ball Club v Louisville Base Ball Club in July 1860

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Date of Game July 1860
Location Louisville, KY, United States
Field  Add Field Page Cedar Hill Park
Home Team Louisville Base Ball Club
Away Team Louisville Base Ball Club
Score 11 - 20
NY Rules Likely

"We are please to learn, too, that the young gentlemen of our city are awaking to the importance of this matter [exercise], and have again organized a Base Ball Club, with the intention, if possible, of making it a permanent institution of Louisville. The Club now numbers some twenty members, and it is proposed to increase it by the addition of such young gentlemen as are desirous of engaging in this most glorious of all outdoor sports.

The first match for the season of the club was played at their grounds on Cedar Hill last week."

Box score has 8 players per side - no shortstop.


Article 9 -- No Title The Louisville Daily Journal (1840-1865); Jul 24, 1860; ProQuest Civil War Era pg. 3

Found by Greg Perkins
Entry Origin Sabrpedia


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