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Date of Game 1953
Location Indonesia

Under the headline "Baseball is Being Played in Indonesia This Season" the Baton Rouge State Times Advocate, April 6, 1953, reports "For the first time in baseball's long and violent history, the cry of 'play ball!' is ringing throughout Indonesia." The article quotes Surabaya, Indonesia sportswriter Gadio Atmo Santoso as saying baseball is played there "in its rawest form."

The game may have reached there earlier. The Boston Herald, June 9, 1928, under the headline "Dutch Find Honkbal (or Baseball) Ideal Sport for Summer Exercise" reports on the growth of the game in Holland (with 21 teams in Amsterdam alone). Baseball was introduced into Holland "some 15 years ago" by G. Grase, a sports teacher, who'd seen the game in the U.S. The article reports that a pitcher for the (Dutch) Ajax club is planning to visit Batavia, Dutch East Indies (now, Indonesia) to introduce the game there.


"Baseball is Being Played in Indonesia This Season" the Baton Rouge State Times Advocate, April 6, 1953

Found by Bruce Allardice
First in Location None


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