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Nick Name Everetts
Earliest Known Date 1865
Location Oshkosh, WI, United States
"In 1865 the one-armed soldier, Col. Henry B. Harshaw, took the lead in organizing an amateur baseball club in Oshkosh. Mr. Arthur Everett was then the very popular principal of the High School. He was not an athlete, but loved and encouraged athletics. Hence, this amateur club took the name of the 'Everetts.' this organization existed and played ball from 1865 to 1872, inclusive, and during these eight years played many match games.
This club played many match games and series of games with amateur clubs of other cities, notably Green Bay, Madison, Berlin, Fond du Lac, Neenah and Menasha, also the Welaunee Club and many others.
The first match game was played at Green Bay in 1865 on Astor Heights with the Stars of Green Bay, chivalrous baseball players. The Stars made thirty six tallies, but the Everetts won."[1]
Found by Dennis Pajot
First in Location Oshkosh, WI
Entry Origin Sabrpedia


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1523 days ago
Score 0
The Door County Advocate, Sept. 6, 1866 reports that the Everett Club of Oshkosh recently defeated the Star of Green Bay.


1514 days ago
Score 0
The Milwaukee Daily Sentinel, Sept. 15, 1866, says that the score of the above mentioned Everett-Star game was 41-30.


976 days ago
Score 0
The Chicago Inter Ocean, Aug. 16, 1868 reports that the Capitol City BBC of Madison recently beat the Badgers of Appleton 98-13; the Stars of Green Bay 33-17; the Everetts of Oshkosh 42-20; and the Fire Flies of Beaver Dam 100-10.

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