Eckford Club of New York v Newburgh on 4 November 1861

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Date of Game Monday, November 4, 1861
Location Greenpoint, NY, United States
Field  Add Field Page Eckford grounds
Home Team  Add Club Page Eckford Club of New York
Away Team  Add Club Page Newburgh
Score 38 - 18

Eckford (NY) 38

Newburgh (Newburgh, NY) 18

(Wilkes’ Spirit of the Times: “The Hudson River Club is an excellent base ball organization, and numbers in its ranks a creditable representation of the young men of Newburg.  Although they were not successful in this trial, their playing was praiseworthy, and they left behind them a very favorable impression for gentlemanly deportment.  They were short of the services of some good players of their nine, and the game was not, therefore, a criterion of their playing abilities.  The afternoon was cold and unpleasant, and too windy for good batting.  … /The Eckfords were not out in full force, although they rallied, as they generally do, a strong nine.  … Sprague, formerly of the Exercise Base ball Club, made his debut in the Eckford Club, as pitcher, and fully sustained the good name which he has long enjoyed. … / At the termination of the game, the clubs and their friends repaired to the “Hotel de Manor,” where refreshments were dispended, of which an A 1 chowder was far from being the worst part of the bill of fare.  An hour or two was passed in a happy interchange of sentiment and good fellowship, when the clubs separated, to meet again on the Hudson River boys’ ground, at Newburg, on Thanksgiving Day, when the return game will be played; on which occasion, in the eloquent language of John Gilpin, ‘may we be there to see!’ “)

Sources [[Sources::

(1) “Out-Door Sports: Base Ball: Hudson River, of Newburg vs. Eckford, of Brooklyn,” Wilkes’ Spirit of the Times, vol.  5, no. 11  (16 Nov 1861), p. 164, col. 1

(2) Peverelly, p. 74 [date = 12 Nov; score: 38-17]

(3) Wright, p. 57 [date = 12 Nov; score: 38-17

Found by Craig Waff
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