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Nick Name Scranton
Earliest Known Date Saturday, May 6, 1865
Location Scranton, PA, United States

The Scranton Club of Scranton PA is listed in Peverelly [1866]. a

An account of the base ball career of Scranton banker James Linen states:

"It is not known if he played any ball during [Civil] war time but when the conflict came to an end and soon after establishing himself in Scranton, the 25 year old former [Newark]Eureka pitcher helped organize the Wyoming club on May 6, 1865 with a bunch of local businessmen.

"The first match of the Wyomings came against the Susquehanna Club of Wilkes Barre."

The club took on the Athletic BBC of Philadelphia in 1866, losing 49-4. That year the club's name changed to the Scranton BBC. It disbanded in 1870.

Found by lem
First in Location Scranton, PA
Entry Origin Sabrpedia


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2117 days ago
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There's an article on Linen (with image) in Steinke's "Scranton," page 44, which mentions his forming the Wyoming Club. The "New York Clipper" website has the names of the players, from a newspaper article on an early game.


1278 days ago
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The Scranton Republican, July 3, 1893, reports that Scranton's first club, the Wyoming Base Ball Club, was formed May 6, 1865, but soon changed its name to the Scranton BBC. James A. Linen organized it. The club played the Susquehanna Club of Wilkes Barre Sept. 1, 1865 in Scranton, with the home team winning.

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