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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > Arizona 8 Games and 21 Clubs

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8 Games and 21 Clubs

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Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Club Club of Prescott 1866-07 Prescott AZ AZ
Ballgame 1871-10 Camp Date Creek AZ AZ
Ballgame 1872-12-25 Fort Grant AZ Fort Grant, AZ
Club Yuma City BBClub 1874-02 Yuma AZ Yuma, AZ
Club Neversink Club of Camp Grant 1874-06-07 Camp Grant AZ Camp Grant, AZ
Club Independence Club of Tucson 1875-01 Tucson AZ Tucson, AZ
Club Light Foot, Shamrock Club of Camp McDowell 1875 Camp McDowell AZ Camp McDowell, AZ
Ballgame 1876-03-18 Fort Lowell AZ Fort Lowell, AZ
Ballgame Champion Club of Prescott v Whipple Club of Fort Whipple 49 - 22 1876-05-21 Prescott AZ Prescott, AZ
Club Brayton BBC Club of Camp Verde 1876-11 Camp Verde AZ Camp Verde, AZ
Ballgame Neversink BBC of Fort Bowie v Sumner BBC of Fort Grant 39 - 24 1877-11 Willcox AZ Willcox, AZ
Club Phoenix Base Ball Club 1879-11 Phoenix AZ Phoenix, AZ
Club Club of Pinal 1880 Pinal AZ Pinal, AZ
Club Club of Harshaw 1880 Harshaw AZ Harshaw, AZ
Club Club of Charleston, AZ 1881 Charleston AZ Charleston, AZ
Club Vizina Club of Tombstone 1881-07-04 Tombstone AZ Tombstone, AZ
Club East End Club of Flagstaff 1884 Flagstaff AZ Flagstaff, AZ
Club Base Ball Club of Kingman 1888 Kingman AZ Kingman, AZ
Club Bisbee Base Ball Club 1892 Bisbee AZ Bisbee, AZ

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