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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > Arkansas 13 Games and 55 Clubs

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13 Games and 55 Clubs

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Games, Clubs, Predecessor Games, Fields


Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Club Club of Little Rock 1857-04 Little Rock AR AR
Club Club of Washington 1867-05 Washington AR Washington, AR
Ballgame Pulaski Club of Little Rock v Galaxy Club of Little Rock 67 - 15 1867-05-11 Little Rock AR AR
Ballgame 1867-06-25 Hot Springs AR Hot Springs, AR
Club Club of Pine Bluff 1867-09 Pine Bluff AR Pine Bluff, AR
Club Primitive Club of Fayetteville 1868 Fayetteville AR Fayetteville, AR
Club Club of Marion 1868-07 Marion AR Marion, AR
Ballgame Bluff City Club of Memphis v Pride of the South Club of Memphis 1868-07-08 Hopefield AR Hopefield, AR
Club Ku Klux Club of Van Buren 1868-09 Van Buren AR Van Buren, AR
Club Ku Klux Club of Fort Smith 1868-09 Fort Smith AR Fort Smith, AR
Club R. E. Lee Club of Cane Hill 1869 Cane Hill AR Cane Hill, AR
Club Magnolia Club of Helena 1869 Helena AR Helena, AR
Club Stonewall Club of Jacksonport 1869-04 Jacksonport AR Jacksonport, AR
Club Club of Searcy 1869-05 Searcy AR Searcy, AR
Club Independents Club of Batesville 1869-07-03 Batesville AR Batesville, AR
Ballgame Independents Club of Batesville v Stonewall Club of Jacksonport 32 - 3 1869-07-03 Batesville AR Batesville, AR
Club Stonewall Club of Newport 1869-07-03 Newport AR Newport, AR
Club Ouchita Club of Arkadelphia 1871-05 Arkadelphia AR Arkadelphia, AR
Club Modoc Club of Augusta 1873-07 Augusta AR Augusta, AR
Club Lone Star Club of Lonoke 1873-08 Lonoke AR Lonoke, AR
Ballgame 1873-08 Helena AR Helena, AR
Club Club of Laurenceville 1875 Laurenceville AR Laurenceville, AR
Club Club of Monticello, AR 1875 Monticello AR Monticello, AR
Club Club of Harrison, AR 1875 Harrison AR Harrison, AR
Club Club of Bellefonte, AR 1875 Bellefonte AR Bellefonte, AR
Club Club of Osceola 1875-04 Osceola AR Osceola, AR
Club R. E. Lee Club of Russellville 1875 Russellville AR Russellville, AR
Club Club of Ozark 1875-09 Ozark AR Ozark, AR
Ballgame 1876-10 Monticello AR Monticello, AR
Club Club of Hot Springs 1877-02 Hot Springs AR Hot Springs, AR
Club Striped Stockings Club of Beebe 1877-08 Beebe AR Beebe, AR
Club Rattlers Club of Prescott 1878-06 Prescott AR Prescott, AR
Club Club of Hamburg 1879-08 Hamburg AR Hamburg, AR
Club Club of Des Arc 1880-06 Des Arc AR Des Arc, AR
Club Star Club of Jonesboro 1883 Jonesboro AR Jonesboro, AR
Ballgame 1885 Jonesboro AR Jonesboro, AR

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